Allard Roeterink

Fukushima workshops

When I was in Japan, I was concerned about the children who had to flee the radiation and who were now living in evacuation centers and temporary housing in Fukushima. Because of the nuclear particles, they could barely play outside and inside was not much fun either. Through my friend Ryo Abe, I could give a workshop for those kids in the town of Nihommatsu, just south of the city of Fukushima. Ryo is an architect, who set up all sorts of initiatives for tsunami and radiation victims.
Local volunteers had made a simple flyer and many kids were eager to make their own shampoo bottle dinosaurs. After that, they made some simple sponge robots with foam whippers and a few built take-tombos from PET-bottles.
It was a great day, but it felt unfair returning to relatively safe Tokyo, while they will keep living there.