Allard Roeterink


While living on the residential KNSM-island in Amsterdam, we noticed that most people only slept there, and had little contact with their fellow islanders.
As part of a municipal competition, we designed a large table, in the shape of the island, with outlines of the buildings. To get more locals involved, we drew a game path along the table, and every resident could decide what would be on the card closest to his address; it could be a rule [“jump 20 steps forward”] or an image. Companies paid a little for their own cards. We held a trial workshop where more than 100 residents designed their game rules and images on a make-shift test table.
The real table and benches were built from reused teak wood by local carpenters Kees Pet and Klaas de Groot on the island. The finished table soon took its place amongst residents and visitors.