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Toys from trash

inspiration, toys, waste materials

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This great Indian site shows hundreds of examples of super low-budget science experiments and toys from waste materials. It’s very inspiring to see how much you can do with limited resources. In fact, most of the designs are far more creative than regular science toys.

I have used many of these in my own workshops, with different waste materials, and there were always a success.

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Instructables: Beetle Bot

inspiration, instructables, toys

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I’m a big fan of Instructables, where DIY makers upload their homemade manuals to make anything from food to electronics. I particularly love all the imaginative solutions. Recently I’m also very interested in building simple robots with limited parts – and thus limited capabilities…

A funny one is the Beetle Bot: not too hard to make and all you need in terms of electronics is a pair of simple switches and a battery-holder. When it touches something, the circuit on that side is reversed and the motor runs backwards, making it steer away from the obstruction. Very clever and elegant design. I made mine without the shell, because I think you should see the insides. Try it out and build one yourself.

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